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Hey there, followers! So this week instead of a comic, we're trying our best to gather fans of OverKill for an hour of gaming in Counter Strike: Source. Interested in playing with us? We'll be playing on the Noob Hideout Sever ( server IP: ) on Friday the 15th from 6pm to 7pm. Join us, to play with the creators of OverKill, and have some fun!

You can add me on Steam here:…
You can add Brandon on Steam here:

Check out the Facebook page for the event:…
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So I've still been doing OverKill comics, or trying at least. Not having photoshop is a huge problem since I make them in photoshop. Aside from that I've noticed a lack of art that ISN'T OverKill. I'll have to fix that, I have tons of ideas, but working on pieces is tough. I've been so busy with family and friends. I'm not sure what I'll do next, but I'm sure whatever it is, it will rock.
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In case you haven't checked, and to be honest I'd be surprised if you have, OverKill is back! I've taken some time away to really get some skills down and do some other stuff, but after almost 8 months it's back. I'm really excited to be back, Caleb and I have some great ideas to share and we don't intend on fucking up like last time. You can count on it to find a new, hilarious, video games related comic strip every Monday right here:

That being said, while we've got a steaming hot bucket of juicy ideas just waiting to squeeze their way out onto the internet, what video games should we write strips about? I'm open to all ideas. I won't guarantee that the game you suggest will get a comic, but I'm all ears. In the near future we've got comics for Fallout 3, Mario, Zelda, and Resident Evil 3. So, any ideas?

Comment here or email me your sugar laden thoughts at!
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So much goes on, day after day. It's hard to keep track of it all! Yet I manage. As for art I've been drawing, as always. Always drawing, many things. I've been spending some time with a new friend, and have once again fallen under the spell of Minecraft. Gaming rules the majority of my time aside from school and I seem to notice that I haven't been getting as much stuff up as I want. OverKill has turned into a lost promise, and The Mystical Dumpster has turned into some odd hobby. I long to get back to OverKill but for the time being it's just not a possibility. I do hope to get back to it soon. A couple months maybe. Not sure. Been reading a lot of comics, mostly Batman, and other random comics from the early 90's. My lust for techno and dubstep have been quelled as lately I've been listening to Feed Me. I'm not sure whatever to say really, but Mystical Dumpster will go on for quite a bit, and OverKill will return one day.
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I've been doing so much lately, but I just felt this need be said, that this album is amazing.… An insanely talented man used his genius to create this awe inspiring chiptune album. I haven't heard anything like it in such a long time. And how much does it cost? You get to name your own price. What a guy. I highly recommend picking it up.
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I am really lost. I haven't colored much stuff, but I've been drawing and writing like crazy. School has kept me busy, but other than that... i just feel I lack everything. I need to get back to OverKill, get up more awesome art (I feel I've drawn some great stuf lately), and read more comics... Yeah... but if anything, I've been watching Batman the animated series everyday on the Hub. It completes me.
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For once I'm not busy! I may actually be uploading some quality art soon (traditional, I mean). Other then that, OverKill is still going on, on growing strong. Webcomic: And I've just been listening to Daft Punk a lot.

My girlfriend got me some nice markers and a (rather giant) sketch book for Christmas, which I had alot of fun with. It's nearly filled to the brim with art, though, I haven't scanned much up. When you have an item that reminds you of a loved one, it's on your mind a lot, so I occasionally picked it up and just drew/doodled. There are some really good works in there that I hope I get around to scanning up. Usually once a week when I do OverKill, it takes so long that I don't do any other art all week. Week after week... gotta stop that. So, that's whats currently up. And other than that, I've just been doing normal doodles too, which I almost have thousands of. Or at least it feels like thousands. And, I just can't scan 'em up and post 'em without color, I feel like if I do that, I'm wasting what could have potentially been an amazing piece... but since I wan't to color it, I end up not doing it at all! Oh, what a cycle.

In other news I took the time to finish Dead Space 2. I now no longer must be a slave to the fear of spoilers. It was a great game, and I really hope all the other people who loved Dead Space 1 take the time to play it. Visceral Games really put some love into it, which is evident in the random mind blowing details. Such as random hallways, generators, tunnels with lights and animation that I'll bet most people didn't even notice. It was a beautifully disturbing syfy masterpiece which lives up to the first one in every way. ON THE OTHER SIDE, you may have heard that the multiplayer was lame. This is may be true, but it's all in opinion. But don't let this hinder your trip to the local retailer, this game isn't about hanging out online with friends, it's about sitting alone in a dark room being scared shitless.

And that's just about all I have to say...
(If you have a Steam account, and TF2, then search up comicretard, I'm game anytime!)

*Edit: When asked about my favorite console

I enjoyed the PS2 the most... just before video games were all about online. It had a good library, you could go to the store once every week and pick up a new fun game for $20 or less. Even the new games were priced fairly. Online was there, but pretty void. And if you wanted to go multiplayer in Soul Caliber 2, or Star Wars BattleFront, you had to have 'em over. I could go on forever listing the games I loved on PS2, but here are some that I instantly remember.
Shadow of the Colossus
Star Wars BattleFront 1 & 2
Final Fantasy X and X2 (And 12 was okay)
Soul Caliber 2, and 3
Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3
Jak and Daxter 1, 2, and 3
Ratchet and Clank 1, 2, and 3
Sly Cooper 1, 2, and 3
Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and Re: Chain of Memories
Beyond Good and Evil
Guitar Hero 2 (3 was cool, but it was closer to the next gen)
Prince of Persia Sands of Time
And I'm sure there are MANY more that I'm just not thinkning of at the moment...
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Alright, so I've grown to like deviant art, and I like all the nice art. I favorite shit all day. Though, I hate the spam art. The gay pics of people in the mirror. Lame. But I've been busy, I've been updating my webcomic weekly, (check it out! ) And I'm actually going to start another comic soon, which will be in a balck and white format (with the exception of the colors neon green, and red), released monthly in chapters. But I'll start that later. I definitaly hope to start it by March. At least. I'll aim for that... which means I'll spend February working on it. Brandon (co-creator of OverKill) and I are going to write it. So it should be okay... I'll enjoy it, but I need to find the time. I one day messed around and created what it may possibly look like, and enjoyed it, and that's what started it. You can see the demo cover and page in my gallery. But anyway, I enjoy comments, so if you wanna critisize, know anything, or just talk, just send me a message or comment.
               ALSO, I've been wanting to collab on a comic with people. I know people are collaborating on comics somewhere, if you know anything, or have any OverKill suggestions, email me at
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So I attended comic con! Hooray! It was great, tons of cool shit, I even picked up a hollow mask (from bleah) and a copy of the original sonic the hedgehog on the genisis! Yeah! So I've been working on art, I should be putting up moar soon. I may not be putting up much because I've resently started a video game webcomic by the name of "OverKill". Its cool. Read it here: . you'll like it. Also Capcom vs. SNK 2 should be here soon, and I got my dreamcast back from my uncle yeterday. Its AWESOME cuz i got a ton of new games for it. Jet Grind Radio is gonna be the topic of my next comic for sure, because its awesome. Ok, well, read my comic, google jet grind radio, and be on the look out for moar art from me soon.
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Well, here I am. Sitting in the prime of arrtist wonder. I draw daily, but less than 10% of all the stuff I draw makes it on to the internet. I have 2 new (completely finished) works to put up. But god knows when I'll remember. I really have been busy, and lately I've been LOVING Metroid and Mirror's Edge, they are such artistic master pieces of games. ...kinda funny how Hideko Kojima says that games aren't art when ALL of his games are award winning master works of art. Whatever. But I really have been working on stuff for the internetz. And I've been lost in the vast void of love lately, so I'm a busy guy... ok, you'll hear from me soon. maybe.
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hey hey hey, I'm on deviantart now.... well how 'bout that. I'm comicretard, or Damon, you can call me. I've come to this place not for fame, not for power, but just to share my art, and view that of others. Please, leave a comment, I enjoy all critisism, unless you're a dick about it. And so I'll be uploading alot, because unlike my account on newgrounds, I'm not going to be putting my "best' stuff on here, only some of it. I'll mainly be putting up doodles, and sketches, and unfinished works. Yeah... oh, and if you have any video game art, tell me, I love that stuff. Ok, well, enjoy my stuff.. (p.s. and Kazel, guess who loves you?)
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